chicago sightings

I have this thing when I travel someplace and am taking photos. I have a strong aversion to taking the pictures I know everyone else has taken. Even if it’s a beautiful shot, I still just hate the thought that the perspective is so unoriginal. Nonetheless, to some degree, I suppose you simply can’t get away from it.

So let’s get the predictable shot out of the way…

Alas, the bulk of my visits to the more touristy spots in Chicago took place before I developed an obsession with my camera. Now, when we visit my sister out there, we just eat, lounge, walk, and repeat that 3x daily. Once in awhile we will think of a new place to explore, but in terms of photographs, it becomes less about the place itself and more about what is interesting right in the place(s) where I am at.

So here are some recent shots from this last trip. The first few were taken inside the architecture firm where my sister works.

This next shot comes from the inside of a small Chinatown store. Super placenta! Why not?

Next we have the zombies who nearly took over the city…

But thankfully the clouds brought in a hailstorm and chased the zombies back underground.

The clouds eventually cleared and made for an incredibly beautiful day at the Botanical Garden:

The above is the flower of an artichoke, which I found fascinating!

Finally, just a few random fun shots that caught my eye:

Headwear of some patron at The Yolk, a hipster restaurant popular for its brunches.

The combination of ongoing development in the city, together with the good ol’ local spots like this Italian lemonade stand that is only open in the summertime, is, I think, what makes Chicago so intriguing and unique.

Hope you enjoyed this visit to Chicago! I haven’t gotten to the point of putting a copyright stamp on my photographs, but if you would like to share them, I would ask that you kindly put a pingback to this site, or at the very least give proper credit. Thanks!