I feel a little lost in makeup stores and hipster clothing stores, but that’s ok. It was good to process my reflections through writing this article for Inheritance Magazine on how to honor Christ in seeking or not seeking to be “pretty” as a Christian woman. 

Here is the link to the article:

Mammoth beauty

Mammoth was the perfect place of respite for my weary heart. After an onslaught of many sad and difficult situations, I needed to be in a place that reminded me, beauty still exists. Beauty that I don’t always have to work through brokenness to find, but simple, pure beauty from the gentle hand of God.

Beautiful Journey, July 2012

Convict Lake, July 2012

Mono Lake, July 2012

Mammoth Basin, July 2012

Mammoth at Dusk, July 2012

Lake Mary, July 2012

Dusk, July 2012

Mammoth Summer’s Eve, July 2012

Nostalgia, July 2012

the world comes alive

There is something about photography that causes a deep place in me to come alive. I inherited my father’s serious, at times overly somber personality. But when I have my camera in hand, my heart beats with the anticipation of finding beauty:

Wonderful, hopeful, surprising, delightful, simple beauty.

I can feel the transformation in my heart when I take pictures for this simple quest for what is good and lovely. My eyes look past facades. They look for something that is beyond cliche. I don’t want the easy pictures, the generic pictures, I want the real thing. My eyes search out corners, cracks, expected places, unexpected places. There is no end to what can be found in any time and any space when my heart and eyes begin to search this way. A new way of seeing what I thought I’d already seen. Seeing what I had never seen before.

Wonderful, hopeful, surprising, delightful, simple beauty.

Abbot Kinney Road, Venice, CA